International building

INTERBUILD is a Dutch architectural firm located in Poland which assists Polish and foreign companies with designing, developing and realizing architectural projects in Poland. We cooperate in a network with other local Dutch engineering- and design offices specialized in i.e. urbanizm, constructions, facades and BREEAM certifications. All these cooperating companies are Dutch-speaking. Thanks to this we can understand each other better and faster and we all have the same professional mentality.

This concept was born by the need for a clear and efficient cooperation in the constantly growing international real-estate market. We are proud of Dutch architecture and want to realize these high quality designs taking into account local law and cultural habits.

Meet us and our network:


We are your building architect, co-architect and technical draftsman.


Designers which are able to deliver spacial planning analyses, ideas and drawings.


To ensure that a nice design really works.


Technical consultants to crack even the hardest nut.


This is you. Our client.

Mission & Vision

The way to get to your destination is sometimes more interesting than the destination itself. This can be applied to the building process. You can learn a lot when travelling and you want to enjoy your time as much as possible. Imagine all these international trips. We want to make your journey an enjoyable one and do this by working together. Efficiently and effectively. In a team with you and our professionals.
"Make everything as simple as possible, but not simpler."

Our mission is to be the best co-architect for real-estate investments in Poland. We believe we can achieve this by focussing on the architectural design concept, multidisciplinary cooperation and on synergy with local law and regulations. The design concept will be treated as a quality manual and used to measure, check and control the design during the building process.

Our partnership with local Dutch engineering firms makes us unique. Thanks to this we can offer more than 75 years of professional knowledge combined with excellent communication and the enlightening view of young professionals.


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